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Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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Scouting Ireland

Scouting Ireland is the National Scout Association for Ireland and a member of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement. Scouting Ireland was formed on 1st January 2004 from the two original Scout associations in Ireland, Scouting Ireland S.A.I. and Scouting Ireland (CSI). Both associations voted to join together to form a new single association in 2003, following a decision to set this process in motion in 1998.

Scouting Ireland has over 40,000 members across Ireland, including Northern Ireland where Scouting Ireland works in partnership with the Scout Association Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom Scout Association.

Here is what some Irish Scouts from the 1st & 4th Tipperary Scout Troop in Clonmel think Scouting is all about:

?Scouts is about having fun and craic in everything you do. Scouting is also about meeting new friends from your town, region, country and sometimes other countries. You meet and socialise with people in your town by going to your scout meeting. To meet people in your Region you might have to go on a fun weekend or a Regional competition. But the best laugh ever to me was the national competition. Every three feet you walked you?d talk to someone and make a new friend and it was a big-ass field so everyone left with loads of friends. Our annual camp is brilliant too because we care for ourselves. Our Patrol is like a family on camp, the PL & APL (Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader) are like the parents and the Patrol are like the children. It sounds weird but it?s true! The programme is extremely exciting, it includes: sports, First Aid bases, water bases, and knots and lashing bases. Overall Scouts is the best craic ever and the best way to make good friends!? ? Danny Collins

?Scouts is a range of programmes for young people. When you are in Scouts you learn a lot of useful things like how to cook and tie knots and loads more stuff. You also go on weekends and hikes. There are patrols in every Scout Troop.  There are usually five to eight people in every Patrol. When you are finished the Scout Prayer and badgework you play games. You go on camp every summer for two weeks?.  ? Karen Kavanagh

?I've been in Scouting since I was 7 years old. I started in Cubs and when I was 11 I went to Scouts. Scouts is on once a week on Thursday for two hours and then we have Court of Honour for about half an hour. I am APL in the Hawk Patrol, and Colin Keane is my PL. I don?t really like being the only girl in my Patrol but then again I'm lucky to be an APL so I can't complain. I love Scouts. I love being able to say ?hey, I've slept in a tent for 7 nights solid and I've survived!? You learn so many things that help in life. I've met so many new friends that I never would have made if I wasn't Scout. I?m working on my Star Scout Award at the moment and I really want to get my Chief Scout Award.? ? Aisling Brophy

Scouting in Ireland, in my opinion, is all about fun and making new friends. This is most evident at national events such as the Phoenix Challenge. Nearly every Scout at this competition is willing to stop and talk and get to know you. For example I have attended tow of this competition and I know Scouts from Castleview, Dublin, Naas, Cork and Donegal. The bases or events within the competition are all based on fun and are all very enjoyable. This is not only evident at national events but also in smaller Scout communities. Most of my best friends are from other Scout groups in my County. Scouts also has an element of competition but its important to remember that you are here, in this Organisation, not only to learn but also to have as much fun as possible. I try to do this at every Scout event I attend?. ? Eoghan Keane

?I think scouting is great! I have learned loads of new things and have lots of new friends. I think Scouting is all about learning new skills and enjoying myself. Scouting has taught me to be more independent and taught me many new skills. Scouting is about being respectful and obeying orders. Scouting is brilliant.? ? Aimee McCarthy

?I like Scouting because its fun and challenging. You also get to meet lots of people. You get to learn survival skills and first aid, how to cook outdoors, how to put up tents and meet people from different Counties. You can also go on All-Ireland competitions like the Melvin. Once a year you can go on a two-week camp and have lots of fun. For instance you can go to Oakwood Park. You also go on hikes and camps at the weekends. If you?re thinking of joining Scouts you should because it?s fun, challenging but worthwhile.? ? Sean Og Maher

?I think Scouts is brilliant because it is very outgoing. The things you learn are very useful, like knots and lashings and cooking. The way you are split up means new friends. I really think that there?s not cooler group than Scouts. I learned how to make vegetable soup and chicken curry. There is still loads more that we made. I have seen many Chief Scout Awards being presented.  Soon I?m going to be hiking in Cahir. When I am older I will become an excellent Leader?. ? Shauna Collins

Hi, my name is Aileen Madden and I am from 1st and 4th Scouts. I am 14 years old and have been in Scouts for three years. In our Scouts we go on many hikes on which we light our own fire and cook on it. We also go on lots of weekend which I love. We mainly go to Mount Melleray where we stay in the hostel. Every year before we go on camp we stay outdoors in Parsons Green. We pitch our own tents and put up our own tables, dressers, bins etc. What we call Camp is when we go somewhere in Ireland and stay in tents for two weeks. We join with many other groups around Tipperary and participate in all sorts of fun activities such as: football, rounders, tennis, going to the beach, and games in the marquee every night. We cook our own food most of the time. Its great fun!!! The last three years we went to Wexford. I think Scouts are to have fun, and we learn a lot about map-reading and the Country Code and the tactics of saving a person?s life. These are all very useful in real life. Scouts is also a great place to make lots of friends. If anyone ever asks me to suggest a good pastime other then sports and dancing the first thing I would say would definitely be Scouting!!!? - Aileen Madden

?We enjoy every Thursday night at Scouts because we learn really great and fantastic things?. Edel Moroney

?There are lots of troops like Clonmel, Cahir, Kilsheelan, Ardfinnan, Carrick and Ballymac. There is also Beavers, Cubs and Venturers. Beavers is for 6 to 8 year olds. Cubs is for 8-11 year olds. Scouts is for 11 to 16 then you can go to Venturers until you are 21?.  Graham Cronin

?It is impossible not to have fun when you are surrounded by energetic Scouts and as well as very energetic Leaders. Not many Troops have the luxury of a two week summer camp as well as many weekends and hike in between? - Colin Keane

?I like Scouting because its fun and you get lots of exercise and make new friends?  Evan Casey

 ?A few weeks ago we were visited by the Chief Scout. Our uniform is a navy blue shirt and trousers?- Ruairi Doyle

?It is really interesting and fun because we learn new things like different types of knots and illnesses and what to do in emergencies?- Kayleigh Morrissey

?I was a Beaver, Cub and now I?m a Scout. I want to be a Venturer and a Leader?. - Neil Fox

?We have 5 Patrols: Eagle, Hawk, Swift, Badger and Woodpecker. Our Leaders are Paul, Damien, Joe, Johnny, Joan and David? - Sinead Moroney

?We get split into groups which is great because we get to meet new people and friendships are formed?- Jason Fitzpatrick

?At Scouts we do badgework and sometimes we do cooking. We can do pasta, rice and chicken curry, soup and chips?- Cathal English

?When I first joined I thought it was boring but now its great fun?- James Corcoran

?I like Scouting because I have fun and learn a lot? - Emma O?Brien

?It is about living up to the Scout Law and to enjoying the Scouting environment? - Eoin Fox

?Scouts is fun especially when we cook? - Amy Slattery

 Thank you to the members of the 1st& 4th Tipperary Troop who sent us their thoughts about what Scouting means to them. Many thanks also to their Leader Joan Casey for helping them with this project.



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