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Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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Slovensky Skauting (Slovakian Scouting)


General Info


What should we say? Scouting is a clear message, has strong principles and interesting educational methods expressing the basis of scouting worldwide.  Our credo of scoutingvalues : 

  • freedom
  • free environment of friends
  • deep experiences
  • life in nature
  • traveling boy and girl scouts

       = this develops their character and other aspects of personality.

Scouting = outing, outgoing

Scouting is outing, and it is especially true when speaking about Scouting in Slovakia. Mainly mountainous country with almost one third of the surface covered with forests is naturally a Scout's paradise. Summer and winter camps in forests, canoeing at water dams or down-river rafting, weekend trips to castles, historical mining towns, special courses of caving and mountaineering?

It's about friends

Real friendship has a real value. Millions of young people in Scouting all over the world experience what means to stand for each other, help each other, co-operate, respect and pay tribute to each other. Scouting is a team work.

It's about life in nature

Summer camps, autumn non-traditional sports, winter ski trips, spring water weirs and in between tours to mountains, cottages or just sleeping under the sky. This is how a year in many Scout Troops looks like. Scouting goes hand in hand with the romance of stray night sky and light of camp fires. Who wouldn't be amazed by the magic of the night camp illuminated by an oil lamp?

It's about traveling

Scouting helps more then 35 millions of young people in 220 countries and regions of the world. Every week some international event takes place. Nowadays, Scout programs "Eurosteps" and "Where to stay in Europe" enable cheap traveling, accommodation and intercultural learning of young men and women.

It's about freedom

Adults in Scouting are neither military officers nor teachers. They are friends of young people who know their interests and problems, have understanding for them and support them. Scouting is a place for free development.

Slovensky skauting - Scouting Slovakia

Slovensky skauting is member organisation of the World Organisation of Scout Movement (WOSM) and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). With over 7.700 members, SLSK is one of the biggest youth organisations in Slovak Republic and its membership has been increasing during last 5 years. Slovakia has no access to the sea; however, there are Sea Scouts who take advantage of many lakes, water dams and rivers for their activities. There is also a Scout Group for handicapped boys and girls. Scouting for Roma children has been developing rapidly in recent years and this area remains one of our main aims for the coming years

A few words about History, Slovak Scout Symbol, Scout Oath, Scout Law and Mottos, Organisational structure and Members History

"Slovensky skauting" (Scouting Slovakia) is an organisation with a long but difficult history.

1913 - Scout movement started in the region of nowadays Slovak Republic. The very first Scout troop was founded in Komarno in southern Slovakia.

1919 - Scout and Guide organisation named "Svaz junaku - skautu republiky Ceskoslovensky" was founded in Czechoslovakia by Anton?n Benjam?n Svojs?k and it united Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Hebrew troops in whole country. It existed for almost 20 years and then was banned (1938) a few months before the World War II, it was re-established in 1945.

1950 - Another hard times came soon - the Scout organisation was forbidden by communist government. Many Scout troops existed in illegality as tourist clubs.

1968 - The opportunity to start again seemed to come. After a few months, the Russian military intervention to Czechoslovakia changed the political situation and Scouts had to hide again (after decision of interdict: 24.04.1970).

1989 - Hopefully the last re-establishment was after the so-called "Velvet Revolution".

1993 - Separate Slovak and Czech Scout organisations were formed while keeping very good contacts.

2001 - this year was one of the most successful years of Scouting in Slovakia since its re-establishment in 1989. Membership figures went over 7.000 and there was a historical number of summer Scout camps; many seminars for Scout Leaders took place and Slovak Scouts participated in several international events.


The symbol of Slovensky skauting is a fleur-de-lis with three mountains and a double-cross, historical symbol of Slovakia. It is laid on a blue trefoil, symbolising the Girl Guide movement.

Scout Oath Brownies/Cub Scouts:

With the help of God, I promise to do my best: to help other fellow people to make a good turn every day to keep the Brownie/Cub Scout Law.


I promise to do my best: to fulfil my duty to God and to my country to help other people at all times to keep the Scout Law.

Scout Law The Brownie and Cub Scout Law:

1. A Brownie/Cub Scout does her/his best.

2. A Brownie/Cub Scout says always the truth.

3. A Brownie/Cub Scout thinks of others before herself/himself.

4. A Brownie/Cub Scout is thrifty.

5. A Brownie/Cub Scout obeys her/his parents and leaders.

The Guide and Scout Law:

1. A Scout's honour is to be trusted.

2. A Scout is loyal and committed..

3. A Scout is to be useful and to help others.

4. A Scout is a friend of all good-willing people and a brother to every Scout.

5. A Scout is courteous.

6. A Scout protects nature and all valuable creations of human.

7. A Scout obeys their parents, principals and leaders.

8. A Scout is cheerful.

9. A Scout is thrifty.

10. A Scout is clean in thought, word and deed.


Cubs: Do good every day

Brownies: Remember

Guides / Scouts: Be prepared

Rovers and Oldscouts: I serve

Organisational structure

A Patrol ("dru?ina") is a group of 5 - 10 boys or girls. A patrol has its name, usually after some animal or plant (Beavers, Violets, Wolves, Swans?). A Troop ("oddiel") is the basic unit with an adult as Troop Leader, consisting of 2 - 6 Patrols. Several Troops make a Scout Group ("zbor"), usually with all age sections included and both boys and girls. A Scout Group has approximately 30-100 members. Scout District ("oblast") is formed of Scout groups from the same region of Slovakia. The purpose of Scout Districts is to ease collaboration of Scout Groups in the field of adult education and also in bringing Scouting to towns and villages where a Scout group hasn't been founded yet.


In the year 2002, Scouting Slovakia had 7.750 members registered in more than 360 troops.

There are four age-sections: Cub Scouts and Brownies (6-11 years), Scouts and Guides (11-16), Rovers (16-26) and Oldscouts (from 27 to eternity). Programm for each section reflects their aspirations and abilities and is realised under guidance of an experienced Scout Leader in small peer-groups - Scout Patrols and Scout Troops, which usually meet in a clubroom once or twice a week. Activities include trips to nature and learning about the environment. Summer holidays offer free time for two or more weeks of camping in untouched nature with lots of adventure: exciting games and competitions, night patrols, true friendship. This is why a Scout camp is a memory for life!

Adult education We have organised many training events for adults volunteering in Scouting in order to prepare them for working with children. New approach to education - intense training scheme, learning-by-doing and value of personal experience - was implemented thoroughly this year. Training events were not only designed to increase qualification of Scout Leaders but also to motivate them for further work in Scout Troops and Groups and give them opportunity for self-development.

In 2001, about 410 participants spent altogether 2.363 days at 109 various Scout training events throughout the year.

Special events

There are several events, which Slovak Scouts organise or participate in every year.

Flower's day - many Scouts volunteer to collect money for the nation-wide collection organized by Slovak Anti-cancer League (Liga proti rakovine, every spring, when daffodil flowers are given out at streets and people are offered a possibility to contribute to the therapy and research of oncological diseases.

St. George's Day is celebrated in almost every town where a Scout Group exists, however there is an outstanding event held at the Spis castle in north-east Slovakia. The castle is considered to be the largest one in central Europe, yet the Scouts managed to create a living-chain along its walls. Maybe, we'll get to the Guinness Book of World Records one day, too!

Scouts from Bratislava organise a big weekend event every autumn in the vicinity of the capital - Bratislava Scout Days. Many games are prepared for Scouts of all ages and various activities are also offered to public. Scout theatre and concerts of musical bands are held there, too.

The best-known Slovak-wide event is certainly "The Light from Bethlehem", international activity of several central European countries, when Scouts spread the flame brought from Bethlehem throughout their country shortly before Christmas as a symbol of peace and understanding.

Where to stay in Slovakia

Practical tips for yours plans, travelling and visit Slovakia

Until today, there are only a few permanent Scout campsites or buildings owned by Scouts, and not all of them are listed in "Where to Stay in Europe". The best-known ones are listed below with a brief information.

Scout house "U Hrocha" - Kac?n, Bratislava A small cottage situated in the forests in the vicinity of Bratislava, accessible by city bus. For up to 22 persons indoors, camping next to the cottage is possible. It is a great "base-camp" for exploring the capital of Slovakia. INFO... Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Scout Center "Mokrad" Nice chateau located near Dolny Kubin in northern Slovakia, close to famous Orava castle. Surrounding mountain groups offer great possibilities for hiking. INFO... Contact: Marek Fukas This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Campsite AQUA This newly established Sea Scout centre is located in northern Slovakia near Orava Water Dam, not far from the Polish border. INFO... Contact: Marek Fukas This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Scout house Banska Stiavnica A large building, which is being rebuilt into a Scout Center, just a few hundred meters from the centre of Banska Stiavnica (central Slovakia). Banska Stiavnica used to be one of the most important mining towns in medieval Europe and UNESCO recognized its historical centre as a part of the World Heritage. INFO... Contact: Jozef Bal?? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Campsite Hodrusa The Hodrusa Campsite is situated in the forested mountains of central Slovakia, close to the town of Banska Stiavnica. A beautiful lake is nearby, offering possibilities for swimming and water sports. The campsite is a good starting point for hikes in the Stiavnica Mountains where many historical and technical sights can be found. INFO... Contact: Jozef Bal?? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Would you like to have a pen friend among Slovak Scouts? Or is your Scout or Guide troop considering a trip to Slovakia during which you would like to meet Slovak Scouts?

You are mostly welcome to contact us by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

writing a letter to Slovensky skauting Prazska 11 816 36 Bratislava Slovak Republic

or sending a fax to +421-2-57297305.

We'll try to answer your message as soon as possible and forward it to the official mailing list of Slovensky skauting. We can also publish your request in our monthly Scout magazine Medium/Skautsk zvesti, which is sent to all registered Scout Leaders.



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