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Romania (Hunedoara)


Scout Group Hunedoara (OCR)

Interview with Alin Mohai, leader of the Romanian group at „do it 2012“

What are you doing during your meetings?

The normal meeting will take place on Friday and takes about 2 hours’ time. We normally take time to evaluate the last camps and prepare the next one´s.

We play games with the small kids which are also in the center. We are planning different social activities like cleaning the park and the castle and of course we train scout skills and how to use them, also with the small kids!!

How many scouts are in your group?

We are normally 30 explorer (15-18) and about 20 scouts (10-14). We are playing games together and if the weather is fine we are going to the park, because it is more relaxing. The group plans also different activities like going to swim or play football or learn some new songs and sing them. And of course we are planning our activities in Cioclovina!!

Cioclovina your second home?

Yes, Cioclovina is part of the scout life of the Hunedoara group. Most of the time in the year we are planning different activities in Cioclovina. We stay there several times during the year.

Cioclovina is an old farmers house and it has different houses. It is a typical Romanian farmhouse, with different small houses like stables, house for living and one for sleeping and a kitchen house. Of course there is a lot of space for camping and staying outside. During the year there are a lot of things to do there, like repairing houses and building a water pipe or something else. This place is situated in the mountains and is a part of a National Park. During summer camps we have the opportunity to work at the campsite, but also to walk through the beautiful nature around. We can learn about traditional farm working and how to make honey, butter and other alimentary, which the farmers normally prepare. But of course there are other activities to like climbing and caving!!

During the camps we are playing a lot of funny games and sing a lot at the campfire. There is a great atmosphere not only during the campfires, but also during our stays in this very interesting place!!

But now tell me something about Hunedoara!

Hunedoara has about 70000 inhabitants and a lot of parks in the Centre.

There is a “House of Culture” with a theatre and a place for concerts for little children.

Our main touristic attraction is Hunyad Castle. It is a very interesting place for tourists with an interesting historical background. But not only for tourists, it is also a place many festivals, like song festival, folk concerts and classical concerts. It has been also a background for an international film with Nicolas Cage as one of the main actors.

In the surrounding of Hunedoara there is the second biggest national park situated: “Parc National Natural Goradistea Munceluliu” where you very natural places and of course CIOCLOVINA.

Thank you Alin and your group for these interesting facts of your group and your scout life!!





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