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Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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Scouts en Gidsen Vlaanderen
(Flemish Scout and Guide Association)

Flanders in Belgium: often hard to find on the maps, but maybe known for Jacques Brel, Axelle Red, Eddy Merckx, Dirk Frimout, Dries Van Noten, the Atomium in Brussels, Chips and Belgian waffles or good soccer. Good soccer?

In history, Belgium or at least a part of it, was subjected to the rule of quite a lot of other European countries. Besides a lot of war damage they made us familiar with other habits and structures. This useful confrontation made Belgium to a country that has different cultures. So the corporation of two different mentalities is quite normal in our country. Today there are three different cultural area's in Belgium: The Flemish (Dutch-speaking), the Walloon (French-speaking) and the German regions. This division has its impact on several political and social types of government and movements and it also influenced the scout- and guides movement in a certain way. There are Flemish and Walloon scout- and guide movements. In both movements there are pluralistic movements and in both parts of the country there is also a Christian movement.

We have 160.000 scouts and guides in Belgium. More than 70.000 of them are attached to the SCOUTS & GUIDES FLANDERS, formerly known as Flemish Union of Catholic Boy- and Girlguides, abbreviated FUCBG or "VVKSM". The history of the Flemish catholic scouting goes back to 1913. Since then Scouts and Guides Flanders has grown into an association of more than 650 local groups with more than 70,000 members.

Each of these groups is managed by a team of young people older than 18. A democratic structure in which the people having a great deal of responsibility in each group and regional links (56 districts and 12 regions) are elected every 3 years, takes care of the regulations of the scout-and guides game.

SCOUTS & GUIDES FLANDERS is a youth movement open for all boys and girls of 6 and older, who want to play the game of scouting.

SCOUTS & GUIDES FLANDERS is following a dream: happy people in a fair world.

Besides family and education SCOUTS & GUIDES FLANDERS wants to give boys and girls a place where they can grow and develop in an adventurous and relaxed way: We're giving them the space to become sporting, creative and social human beings who are aware of beauty and culture; a place where they can build their attitude to life and their own vision. To put it briefly: nice, interesting, pleasant, conscious people, never at a loss for a little bit of spirituality, and always prepared to give someone a helping hand. Head in the air, feet on the ground.

To be happy in a fair world. Can sound a little bit half-hearted and vague or haughty. How many 15-year olds think about something like that? The working of the scouts is concentrated on the young people of here and now. Scouting believes in young people. That's why young people are managing this youth movement themselves. The game of scouting is being created by young people, with decisions made in consultation with each other.

The way of working of Scouts and Guides Flanders is based on five basic principles and these principles summarize our method. They are the leitmotivs in our working and are carried out in activities, according to the age of the members of a branch, a typical atmosphere and a personal approach suitable for children and young people.

Joint management
joint management stands for deciding a course together
joint management is concerned about the whole
joint management stands for finding solutions, making choices and decisions together

Engagement means making an active choice
engagement means to give energy
engagement is making sure people can count on you
engagement is to step into the breach for someone

self-activation means to undertake
self-activation is a synonym for to explore, to discover and to develop
self-activation is the same as to show oneself

service is to give someone a hand
service means to take care of other people, to take care of the community
service is to do one's best for free

teamwork is enjoying solidarity
teamwork means to undertake
teamwork is having contact with other people

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