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Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Ukrainian Scout Organisation

22 December 2013 by International groups 3930 Views

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The Organizatsiya Ukraïns'kykh Skautiv

(UkrainianОрганізаціяУкраїнськихСкаутівОУС "Organization of Ukrainian Scouts", OUS) is a Scouting organization in Ukraine, a member of the Order of World Scouts.

After several unsuccessful attempts to join the World Federation of Independent Scouts (WFIS), the OUS became full member of the Order of World Scouts in April 2009.[1]

Program sections

  • Vovcheniata (Cub Scouts) - ages 6 to 9
  • Skauty (Scouts) - ages 10 to 14
  • Kadety (Cadettes -older members) - ages 15 – 18
  • Roverskauty (Rovers) - ages 18+

Main principles

  • Loyalty to God and Ukraine
  • Duty to others and to itself
  • Obedience to the Scout law

Cub Scout Promise

I promise with all forces try to be faithful to God, my parents, my homeland, Ukraine, the Cub Scout Law and every day to make someone a good deed.

Cub Scout Law

  1. a Cub Scout loves Ukraine.
  2. a Cub Scout thinks of others first
  3. a Cub Scout has eyes and ears open (Cub Scout hears and sees all)
  4. a Cub Scout is always clean
  5. a Cub Scout always tells the truth
  6. a Cub Scout is always cheerful.

Scout Law

  1. Ukraine serves as a scout and performs in front of her his duties.
  2. Word scout trust.
  3. a Scout-poradlyvyy and helping others.
  4. a Scout-all friend and brother of every other scout.
  5. a Scout comes in a knight.
  6. a Scout loves nature and tries to understand her.
  7. a Scout-responsible and obedient to their parents and taught.
  8. a Scout always has a good mood.
  9. a Scout-economical and sacrificial.
  10. a Scout-clean in thought, words and actions.

Scout Oath

In his honour I swear that I will do everything in my power to:

  • Do my duty to God and the State,
  • always help others
  • obey the Scout Law.

4 vents

22 December 2013 by International groups 3567 Views

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4vents logo

4Vents – the project

4vents project is a collaboration between the Scout associations in Catalonia, Menorca, Mallorca, Valencia and Alghero: Boy Scouts Guides of Catalonia (MEG), Girl Scouts of Menorca (MS), Scouting and Guiding in Mallorca (MEGM) , Scouts and Guides of Mallorca (EGM) Scout Valencian Federation (FEV) and Scouts and Guides Alghero (EGA).

Scouts and Guides are united by common bonds derived from the same cultural environment, sharing a language, history and tradition. Recognizing the link between us, we have decided, through this project, to strengthen existing relationships and deepen the aspects that are common.
4vents is intended to reinforce the work done by each of the associations in their territory, looking for synergies and enhancing those features cultural, linguistic and methodological share and can give more quality to the actions of each of us

Council 4vents is a management body composed of representatives from the five associations that make 4vents.

4vents Council meets regularly and its first target boost cooperation agreement signed by Boy Scouts Guides of Catalonia (MEG), Listen Menorca (MS), Scouting and Guiding in Mallorca (MEGM) Scouts Guides and Mallorca (EGM) Scout Valencian Federation (FEV) and Scouts and Guides Alghero (EGA).

4vents Council organizes and channels the interest and participation of its members in all joint activities. It also manages a budget contribution associations make to reason its members.


Belarus, Minsk

23 March 2013 by International groups 3813 Views

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Association of Belarusian Girl-Guides (Group of Molodeschno/Minsk Region)

Members – about 1000 girls in 6 regions Minsk, Minsk region, Gomel region, Vitebsk region, Brest region and Grodno region.

The groups have their meetings once per week in three different age groups. The meetings normally have three parts: Playing games, workshops and talking about themes which are important for them, for example family, my home country, friendship, tradition ( singing, dancing, making traditional dolls and toys from different materials, handicrafts made from clay, linen and straw and so on), domestic work, talking to each other, trips to interesting places. In summer also summer camps, cooking on fire and other interesting things.

Belarussiuan group

Every year on 1st June we will celebrate the day of the children´s rights.

During Christmas time guides will go with some presents to children in orphanages (it’s during the projects of ABG – Chance). The idea of the project is to help children in trouble 8 problems in school, with communication, at home, children without children, and so on). These children will also take part in our summer camps. Partner of this project are the Green scouts and guides of Denmark since 2007 to 2012.

During this projects there are seminars held “personal development” for rangers (16 to 18 years)

During this projects there have been Mini – Projects in different regions.

-          In Brest region – „the right to have summer“ (children´s right, summer holidays to be outside with leasure time),

-          Minsk und Minsk region – Ecological projects „lost world“ (renewable energy) and a project about creating landscapes, girls have created a flower meadow in Minsk by themselves.

-          Grodno region – together with latvian scouts a mini-project about culture, to learn something about their neighbours, and a survival hike during winter times.

Project “Prevention of AIDS for adults (15-20 years)”

Aim of the project: to take responsibility for their own life and behavior.

Partner of this project is the Ministry for Education and the Ministry of Health.

A new idea is growing up: to talk about the relationship between the generations to take the experience from the elder people and take it for their own life’s, to take care of the special days “family day in May” “mother´s day in autumn” to spend these days with parents and grandparents, not alone at home, but also with the families of other Guides.

100 Jahre of WAGGGS, an activity in a Tram in Minsk.


Romania (Hunedoara)

06 November 2012 3676 Views


Scout Group Hunedoara (OCR)

Interview with Alin Mohai, leader of the Romanian group at „do it 2012“

What are you doing during your meetings?

The normal meeting will take place on Friday and takes about 2 hours’ time. We normally take time to evaluate the last camps and prepare the next one´s.


Belgium (Antwerp)

06 November 2012 3816 Views


The heart of the lively port city of Antwerp, where you find shops, pubs, restaurants, the citycampus of the University of Antwerp, gothic and baroque monuments… And the oldest Flemish scout troop of Belgium.





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