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Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Zwiazek Harcestwa Polskiego The Polish Souting and Guiding Association 

The Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP) is the Polish national organization of Scouts and Guides, member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

Polish Scouting and Guiding started in 1910 when Poland was still partitioned between three neighbouring countries. ZHP was formally established in 1918 just after Poland had again become an independent country. In the 1920s the association was a founder member of WOSM and WAGGGS. When World War II broke out ZHP did not suspend its activity but became an underground movement continuing its educational mission with the additional aim of defending the country. After the war, and as a result of political changes, ZHP lost its membership in WOSM and WAGGGS but regained it in 1996.

The ZHP of today is a modern Scout and Guide national organization with almost 160,000 members, open to everyone regardless of origin, race or creed. Education in ZHP is based upon the moral norms derived from universal cultural and ethical values of Christianity. The Scouting and Guiding educational values are specified in the Scout and Guide Promise:

"It is my sincere wish to serve God and Poland with the whole of my life, to give my willing help to other people, and to obey the Scout and Guide Law."

The symbols of our ideals are the Cub Scout/Brownie Badge and the Scout and Guide Cross.  There are 4 age groups in ZHP:
  • Cub Scouts and Brownies, in Polish: Zuchy (6-10 years) play in their packs
  • Scouts and Guides, in Polish: Harcerze & Harcerki (10-13 years) learn about the world and people through games and fun
  • Senior Scouts and Senior Guides, in Polish: Harcerze Starsi & Harcerki Starsze (13-16 years) look for their place in life by undertaking various projects
  • Rovers and Rangers, in Polish: Wedrownicy & Wedrowniczki (16-25 years) help others and master their skills

ZHP is active all over Poland. The basic unit of ZHP is a Troop, consisting of 15-20 people on average. Troops from a village, town or town quarter make up a District. Districts operating within a specified area of Poland constitute a Region. The highest authority of ZHP is the Congress, which meets every 4 years. The Congress elects the President and the Chief Scout of ZHP. The Honorary Protector of ZHP is the President of the Republic of Poland.

Our address:

GK ZHP Konopnickiej 6 PL-00-491 Warszawa Poland  tel: + 48 22 339 06 39 fax: + 48 22 339 06 06





We have ambassadors in different countries!

Melania Kujawa

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Yuliya Novik


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