Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs Unionistes de France - EEUdF  

Founded in 1911, the « Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs Unionistes de France » – EEUdF  (Unionist Guides and Scouts of France), form today, with 4 other organizations, Scoutisme Français. (Scoutinsme Français is officialy recognised by WOSM and WAGGGS) 

EEUdF is a Protestant movement, open to all
As partners of the Protestant churches since 1911, EEUdF is represented in more than 100 Protestant parishes of the Reformed Church of France. The spiritual dimension of Scouting invites all to search for the meaning of life, above the material reality.  The Christian identity of the EEUdF is based on the conviction that the encounter with Jesus Christ contributes in the search of a direction in one’s life. Spiritual animation moments permit to each to wonder, to exchange and to reveal his /her convictions while respecting those of the others.
EEUdF contributes to Peace and ecological citizenship
Convinced that everyone can make this world a little better, EEUdF prepares young people to be actors in the process of change and to construct a democratic, brotherly society anxious of its environment.  Life in a Scout troop is all about living together and accepting differences.  Peace education in the 21st X century is also helping young people to understand the roots of violence in the perspective of scout values and to act concretely for world peace. Due to the very strong link with nature, scouting has a role in the environmental challenge that lies before all of us.  EEUdF has a simple school model:  teaching young people that a simple life with lots of human relationships gives more satisfaction than wildly consummating. EEUdF also gives young people tools to understand the environmental challenges and to invent new forms of development and sharing of natural resources
The development of the individual by the troop at the service of society
EEUdF proposes activities adapted to each, divided into three age sections that encourage, within every branch, the care of the youngest by the older:             
                     Louvettes et Louveteaux (8-12),
                     Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs (12-16),
                     Aîné(e)s (16-19).
Helping others in ones own neighborhood is a way to give a sense in ones life.  It is an excellent school.  To be responsible to the EEUdF, is an unique opportunity to develop his/her mind of initiative while putting his/her energy and creativeness to the service of the youngest.