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Welcome to the Eurotransit Network!

1. Introduction

Eurotransit is a Network of volunteers from European Scout & Guide organisations which builds European contacts through active projects, exchanges and partnerships

Our activities are designed to complement existing national structures, by offering direct access for all groups to international activities

Through previous projects, the Network has a specialization in east-west exchanges, has extensive contacts for summer camps, partnerships and sharing of inter-cultural learning experiences.

One main intention is that scout and guide groups should not make holidays in other countries without meeting scouts and guides of the country they are travelling to.


2. History

The Eurotransit Network was established in 1999 by a group of German scout leaders form DPSG Diocese of Paderborn. The idea for the name came from the old Hanseatic trade routes which crossed Europe from north to south and east to west. The old route passed through their region and they were curious to meet other scout groups along the route and so the idea was born.

The first activities included cooperation with a Polish scout group to rebuild a campsite in Ostrow, Poland. The Network spread as new friends and contacts were made along the route and many new summer camps and exchanges followed.

During the continuous evolution of the network, an annual meeting was established. Every year, the network and its friends met in a different country for a couple of days around the quasi pan-european holiday May 1st. In 2014, this meeting was re-branded as Eurotransit Funboree. Ever since, the Network invites all adults and leaders in Scouting and Guiding keen on international experiences to its annual camp.



3. Target Groups

The Eurotransit Network wants to reach out to all adults and leaders in Scouting and Guiding across Europe, such as

  • Local groups and their leaders
  • District leaders
  • International Teams

4. Structure

The Eurotransit Network mainly consists of an international Core Team of group leaders of Eastern and Western European countries. The aim is to include at least one member of each country which has groups participating in the Network. The core team jointly runs the network in a non-hierarchical way. The focus is on personal relationship.
It defines networks goals and aims, decides over its strategy and organizes its events, mainly the Funboree. It is operating using the English language.

The Core Team is supported by Ambassadors, who establish the connection between the network and its target groups in the Ambassador`s respective country. The Ambassadors can be contacted by any interested person through the Network`s website and provide an easy access to the network in many different languages.


5. Needs and Aims

The needs of the Network should be the aims of the Structure.

          a. A stronger more known Network:

  • as many adults and leaders in Scouting and Guiding in Europe should know about the Network: its aim and its easy entrance
  • the Network should be more known and used by the already participating countries
  • the Network should be more known and used by new countries
  • the Network should (in the long term) become a factor in European Scouting (known and even promoted by WOSM/WAGGGS and NSOs)

    b. Giving tools to young people in Europe:
  • to learn about each other
  • to experience different cultures, ways of scouting, etc...
  • to make new friends
  • to create understanding of the importance of an open, united and peaceful Europe
  • to fill them with enthusiasm for the European idea

6. Tools and Methods

  • Ambassadors
  • Picture gallery
  • News & newsflashes
  • Event calendar
  • Slideshow of events on homepage
  • Handbooks and Badges
  • Campsites
  • International Groups
  • Platform for contacts
  • Intercultural Trainings
  • E-cards

7. What makes Eurotransit special

We are group leaders with a lot of international experience and we want to share it with other group leaders.

We have a high sustainability in our meetings.

We have a lot of experience in intercultural learning.

We are part of the structure, but we are independent.

We dont want to evolve to a structure like WOSM/WAGGGS where everyone who wants to exchange with another scout or guide troop has to pass several commissioners (and assistants and secretaries) and where one is not really involved in the search for a partner group himself. The search for a partner group or a contact abroad has to be already a part of the fun. It has to be personal and engaging.

We can imagine that for some countries the distance between a local scout leader and the International Commissioner of his federation is rather huge. We need to ensure that the access to exchange or to getting involved in the Network remains easy. Interested new people or even groups, districts and associations have to be attracted by how easily they can get involved and take part in this Network. So, the method for old and new participants should stay informal, easy and with as little barriers as possible.

Summercamp experiences

... this time:

German rovers in Ireland

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..Fort-Fun Activity 2018

Eurotransit Network

Looking for an 'international angle' to spice up your meetings or Summer Camps? Check out our EUROTRANSIT NETWORK Handbooks. They are FREE, downloadable and give you a variation of different dishes or games throughout Europe.

Take a culinary trip into Europe and download our 'EASY INTERNATIONAL RECIPES' booklet now for FREE.

Or take a fun trip into Europe : Our Games Handbook 'International Icebreakers'



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This site is a good help if you are looking for international campsites.
Don´t worry that everything seems to be written in Flemish, but you will find
A lot of links to the original campsite if you click on the button of the campsite.

So try it!!!!”

Example of international solidarity


2015 - Eurotransit is now active for about 25 years.
On the occasion of this anniversary we prepared a chronicle to share with you...


Have a look at it ...


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